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Status Quo’s twenty fifth album Heavy Traffic signalled a new era according to guitarist Rick Parfitt, and saw song writer Bob Young contribute for the first time in years. The album charted at no.15 in the UK album charts and featured tracks such as Jam Side Down, All Stand up and Creepin Up on You.

This 3-CD set features 2 bonus discs of bonus material with live performances and B-sides – the enhanced booklet contains new interviews with Francis Rossi and members of the band by Quo guru Dave Ling in which they discuss the making of the album.

DISC ONE: Heavy Traffic
1 Blues & Rhythm  
2 All Stand Up (Never Say Never)  
3 The Oriental  
4 Creepin' Up on You  
5 Heavy Traffic  
6 Solid Gold  
7 Green  
8 Jam Side Down  
9 Diggin' Burt Bacharach  
10 Do It Again  
11 Another Day  
12 I Don't Remember Anymore  
13 Money Don't Matter  
14 Rhythm Of Life  
DISC THREE: Heitere Festival
1 Mystery Medley: Mystery Song, Railroad, Most of The Time, Wild Side of Life, Rollin' Home, Again and Again, Slow Train  
2 Gerdundula  
3 Big Fat Mama  
4 Roll Over Lay Down  
5 Down Down  
6 Whatever You Want  
7 Rockin' All Over the World  
8 Junior's Wailing  
9 Encore Medley: Rock and Roll Music, Carol, Bye Bye Johnny  
DISC TWO: Bonus Tracks / Demo's
1 The Madness - B-Side of "Jam Side Down"  
2 You Let Me Down- B-Side of "All Stand Up"  
3 Let's Start Again - Studio Demo 2001  
4 All Stand Up - Studio Demo 2001  
5 Solid Gold - Studio Demo 2001  
6 Caroline - Heitere Festival, 10th August 2003  
7 The Wandere - Heitere Festival, 10th August 2003  
8 Something 'Bout You Baby I Like - Heitere Festival, 10th August 2003  
9 Don't Waste My Time - Heitere Festival, 10th August 2003  
10 Forty-Five Hundred Times  
11 Rain - Heitere Festival, 10th August 2003  
12 All Stand Up (Never Say Never)- Heitere Festival, 10th August 2003  
13 Solid Gold - Heitere Festival, 10th August 2003  
14 Heavy Traffic - Heitere Festival, 10th August 2003  
15 Creepin' Up on You - Heitere Festival, 10th August 2003

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